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The Future of Practicing Medicine

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Multi-site and multi-specialty scheduling functionality with AI driven capacity filling. Automate your patient's scheduling process, eliminating the need for call centers. Unlock up to 20% more volume with auto-backlog filling.

Registration and Pt Collections

Automate patient demographics and consents, including insurance verification and advanced eligibility checks. Automated texts process patient payment at the time of service with card-on-file capability for future collections.


Retrieve vitals with a 60-second contactless facial scan. Transdermal optical imaging technology captures vitals which are seamlessly integrated into the patient chart. *A1c and hemoglobin detection in beta

Provider Visit

Medical history summaries and ambient listening auto-generates the patient chart to improve patient-provider experience, reduce provider administrative burden and to support medical decision-making.

Post-visit + RCM

Auto-generate and auto-submit claims. Rejections and denials are retrieved, patternized and resubmitted with Ai-based claim correction functionality, where appropriate. Manage RCM at less than 20% of today's cost.


The Atlas Experience

Streamlined Scheduling

Multisite and multidisciplinary scheduling functionality with AI driven capacity filling. Automate your patients workflows and patient scheduling, reducing significant call center burdens.

AI Enabled Pt Summary

AI enabled Pt summary provides a comprehensive and historical patient medical summary by seamlessly organizing unstructured and structured data from interoperability frameworks.


Ambient listening tool charts providers notes, which saves time, reduces administrative burden, and helps support medical decision making.

Revenue Cycle Management

Automated billing efforts streamlines reimbursement process, scrubs claims and denials to ensure long term growth for practice.

AI Driven ResultsAtlas Health Facial Scan

Starting with facial scanning of the patient.


Monitors for vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature.


Results are immediatley coded into patients files for provider and uploaded in patient portal for the consumer.